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Minimalist RFID-blocking Tyvek® Wallets

We stock a range of RFID Tyvek® wallet styles including: clutch purses, flat wallets and slim wallets.


'The Hole' RFID-Protected Tyvek® Wallet

The Hole RFID

'Heat Stroke' RFID-Blocking Tyvek® Clutch Wallet

Heat Stroke RFID Clutch Wallet

'Blue Camo' RFID-Blocking Tyvek® Flat Wallet

Blue Camo RFID Flat Wallet

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What is Tyvek®?

Tyvek® is a highly durable, expandable and recyclable material that has the appearance and texture of paper. All of the wallets that we sell are made from this innovative material.


What Are The Benefits of Tyvek® Wallets?



Tyvek® wallets are lightweight and slimmer than traditional wallets.


Durable – Tyvek® is super strong!

Tyvek® wallets are highly resistant to tearing and puncturing. These innovative wallets are also expandable and water-resistant.



Tyvek® is a #2 – HDPE material which is 100% recyclable.