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What is Tyvek®?


Tyvek® is a durable, expandable and recyclable material that looks and feels like paper (but is not actually paper). It was first discovered in the mid 1950s by a researcher called Jim White and is a registered trademark of the company DuPont de Nemours, Inc.


The Benefits of Tyvek® Wallets



Tyvek® wallets are lightweight and less bulky than traditional wallets.


Durable – Super strong!

Tyvek® wallets are tear-proof and water-resistant.



Tyvek® is a #2 – HDPE material which is 100% recyclable.


Fun Facts About Tyvek®

Tyvek® is used to make the wristbands for outdoor festivals and live music events.

Several countries, including Costa Rica, the Isle of Man and Haiti have made banknotes using Tyvek®.

New Zealand used Tyvek® to make driver’s licenses for over 10 years (1986 – 1999)

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